Why us?

Why us?, well quite simply there's no-one else in Scotland who is solely devoted to providing a home water cooler service. If you do find another home watercooler supplier, just ask them if they deliver at night or at weekends or even weekend nights for free...yes we did say Free! Homespring does.

If you're buying water from the shops every day or every week,

  • Are you having to carry it home?
  • Are you having to cram it in the fridge?
  • Are you filling up not just your own bin, but landfill sites with bottles?
  • Are you buying a brand that comes from outside Scotland?
  • Are you buying water that was bottled many months ago?

When you think about it, it's not very sensible to do any, never mind all of the above, but most people do!

Homespring solves all the problems on that list, and you'd be forgiven for thinking "It must cost a fortune!" Actually, if you buy small (500ml premium brands) bottles, Homespring actually costs LESS!

Now what's your excuse for not using Homespring?

We've great water here in Scotland---there's no need to buy from abroad!

Our Natural Mineral Water is super fresh, the average bottle is only one week old!! Now that's fresh!!

We only sell Natural Mineral Water. That's different (and better!) from both Spring Water and Table Water. If you'd like to find out more about the differences, take a look atwww.naturalmineralwater.org


Free Trial

If you'd like a no obligation free trial of our service, please contact us on 0131 661 5046 or 24/7 on 07968 78 33 34 or by email to info@homespring.co.uk

Domestic Customers

If you'd like to try the system free (and we mean totally FREE) for one week in your own home, please click here:


Commercial Customers

Ok, here's some questions to ask your current or prospective watercooler suppliers

  • Will I get a brand new watercooler?
  • Can you deliver outwith Mon-Fri 9-5?
  • Am I locked into a long contract?
  • Am I being charged annoying bottle deposit charges?
  • Do I have the Managing Director's personal mobile number?
  • Can I get a amazing branded cooler that only Homespring can supply?
Come on, just send us an email with your quotes to date, or your current
pricing structure and get a nice email and maybe a pleasant surprise! Click here: