Water Facts

Our Water Source

We get our water from one of the best Mineral Water supplies in the UK. Kingshill Mineral Water is bottGlass of waterled on site at the spring in the hills above Lanark. Coming from deep below the surface, the water is noted for its outstanding purity. The bottling plant regularly wins awards for cleanliness and hygiene.   

Some Facts

Water is THE original soft drink. Good for your health, nutritionists recommend that we drink 1.5-2 Litres a day. Public water supplies in the UK are safe and clean, but some people have misgivings about the taste and appearance of the water, hence the phenomenal growth in bottled water sales; in fact this market has tripled in the last four years.

However, in buying water from the supermarket, you have to carry the heavy bottles home, find space for them in the fridge, then finally dispose of the resultant empty bottles, with all the environmental implications that causes. Often the water bought will have been transported by sea and road from many thousands of miles away - crazy when you consider that Scotland has some of the very best natural waters in Europe. Also shop bought water may have languished in a warehouse for months before reaching the supermarket.

Now there's a new way to get the water you enjoy. When you decide to take our service we will supply and install a state of the art mini watercooler. You simply pay by direct debit each month and in return we supply you with FRESH Scottish Natural Mineral Water in easy to carry 11 Litre bottles. The bottle is placed onto the top of the water cooler, and you have refreshing cold water on tap, at just the right temperature. If you have sensitive teeth or don't like your water too cold, no problem, there are two taps on the machine, one cold, one ambient.



Below are some links which you can click on to find out much more about the wonderful world of water!

www.watercure.com  An interesting website version of the best selling book "Your Body's Many Cries For Water" with many examples of how water may alleviate and cure medical conditions.

www.naturalmineralwater.org  This website has lots of info on the different types of water on sale in the UK. Do you know the difference between Spring Water, Natural Mineral Water, Table Water and Tap Water?

www.bwca.org.uk  The BWCA is the regulatory body that oversees quality standards in the bottled water cooler industry. Companies that are members must adhere to very high standards with regard to hygiene and quality. Homespring are not yet members but will join within the next year. Members are subject to stringent audits and can use the BWCA logo.

www.zenithinternational.com  The definitive source for information on watercoolers in the UK. Lots of information here.