Commercial Customers

These days it seems like there are lots of watercooler suppliers, so how are we different?

We GUARANTEE to be the lowest priced supplier you'll find. Call all the other suppliers you can find, then call us. How do we do it? Easy, we have very little overheads, and we believe in good value for money with unbeatable service, with no excuses.

We also deliver outside the normal Mon-Fri 9-5 at a time that suits you and your business.

We supply machines that aren't generally available. Take a look at our products page.

We are the only watercooler company now left in the city of Edinburgh, this means we're able to offer a better service in the city than any other watercooler company. Support your local watercooler company.

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Free Trial

If you'd like a no obligation free trial of our service, please contact us on 0131 554 9899 or 24/7 on 07968 78 33 34 or by email to

Domestic Customers

If you'd like to try the system free (and we mean totally FREE) for one week in your own home, please click here: